For what have you cost yourself this quarrel?
Seems you were unaware of the outcome of such statements
You've acted upon anger, and have angered upon action
Solidifying your over-end thought of manipulation
Have you not any recolection of their teachings?
Do well, do good, be excellent, behave
That you should not be lead to temptation's door
But rather lead temptation out of your's?
I find that you have disappointed many in the congressional booth
They fail to comprehend your words of self evaluation
But, my friend, who are they to judge a man
They who are such vermin themselves
I have yet to see a head that isn't hung low
And if it was up to us, I know they'd he hung high
Oh, my love, for you I adore
I have slain you now, and stripped your cargo of any goods
I like how you steered away from the whole verse-chorus-another verse-another chorus structure. As I was reading it I was imagining a Zack de la Rocha-esque voice with a heavyunder-lying riff in the background.