The guitar is nice but I think the vocals are off a bit. The way you pronounce some words and the way you cut them short sometimes doesn't sound right. Other then that though, good job!
Hey I'm going to agree with jasonmetal on this one. You play it well, but try to smooth out the vocals. You seem to punch the words at times, and while that can be good at times i don't think it suits the song. try experimenting with a more laid back vocal approach.

Also, what are you using to record with? There are a few things you can do to improve the sound of your guitar and voice in post or even pre-production when you're recording.
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hey thanks guys for the comments. thats exactly what i wanted to hear. probably the reason the vocals sound like that is because i was used to singing punk rock in the past. now im experimenting with some acoustic stuff, so comments like that really help. Also, im recording straight into one microphone so its pretty crappy.
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Its good, as stated before you need to lengthen the lyrics. To be critical, your strumming is partialy incorrect. You play the piece uniformly and on time but the actual song has some secondary strumming which is easyest to do by finger picking the song. sweet tho keep it up.