Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the "switchable Boost/Cut control" here


Could possibly redone so that it would work on a 250k (for single coil) push/pull volume instead of a 500k push/pull tone?

I'd obviously like it to act like a volume in both Push and Pull conditions, but when pulled, I'd like it to also have all the Mid's scooped. so basically make it so that insctead of the up condition controlling the amount of mids scooped, it'd still control the volume.

I'd put it on the tone control, but I rather like the idea of a diode cutter more, and I think that that'd be nicer to be able to control the amount it affects the signal then a Mid scoop.

Any ideas? and can anyone correct the Inducter size, and say which and what kid of extra cap/resistors I'd need?.

I'll thank you forever if you supply a diagram too
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i guess this is a bump i disguise

Anyone have any ideas on what else i could possibly do with a push/pull volume pot, assuming this mid scoop thing doesnt turn out?
scooping the mids is the most stupid idea ever thought about IMO... but hey its your guitar

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If you have a better idea for what to do with that particula push pull, id love to hear it. It's one of the only things I've found that might work with all the pots that i have, so i dont feel like im wasting space and still dont have to buy new pots.

Its an HSH setup

humbucker Volume push/pull - volume/Parrallel
'' Tone concentric - Tone/Coil Fader

Single Coil Volume push/pull- volume/(this is where the midscoop would go)
Single coil tone push/pull - Tone/Diode Clipper

Humbucker Volume push/pull - Volume/Phase
Concetric Tone - Tone/Coil Fader

Does anyone have any answers to my original question? or any idea of what else to do with that extra Push/pull Volume space?
you should just drop in a 3 band eq, they're way more useful, you'll need some sort of buffer, and a way to power it, and you might as well figure on a low impedance buffered output... which is good, cuts down on noise and such
put a tubescreamer IN your guitar. then have a volume, tone, and od knobs. then for the push pull on the volume, give the pull like a ten DB boost for solos or something. Then the pull on the tone can give you a mid boost. i dont know im really tired.
Thanks for the suggestions, but I'd really like to keep the guitar passive. I dont want to deal with electrics on guitars until i start building pedals, which will be what my next projects consist of.

As for the mid cut, I know a lot of people are fans of it, but it should be al ittle more understandable if I explain it a bit more.

I only what the mids on the single coil to be cut, so that the highs and lows are left, that way it'll Sorta act like a high/low boost on when combined with the other two humbuckers.

Another reason why I'd like to stay passive is that I'm already going to have 9 buttons/knobs on this thing. More would really make it look clustered. It has a rather smallish body, so I also dont want to route out the entire back of the guitar.

If anything, I guess I can make it so that a pull up on the knob will just put it out of series... but I was already going to have that effect on another pickup.

Ps- anyone have any diode cutter diagrams? I've found one or two, but they dont seem to be all that clear on what to do.
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