I started playing guitar about 4-5 months ago and I think I'm at the stage now where people who don't play guitar think I'm good. How can I get to the next level, and what is the level?
find a guitar teacher, or if ur already taking lessons find a new one that has more experience. Cause wen i got to this stage i thought i knew most the stuff i could but then once i found a new teacher that knew more my playing went up big time no i can do eruption behind my back an improvise to almost any song
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well u take lessons? u know hpow to do pinch harmonics? or solo kik-ass?

Yes I do take lessons. I've only had two so far. My instructor says I'm a fast learner so he gave me a melody to learn which he says he normally doesn't do with his students until the 4 lesson. I don't know how to do pinch harmonics or solo 'kik-ass' so is that the next thing I should learn?
well u can impress those that dont play guitar....now impress those who do.....know what you r playing....learn your scales!!!!!...in order to solo "kik-ass" u need to know ur scales, your keys...and work on your timing..use a metronome