so i dont know if you guys have gone through this and this is the first time i feel this way, so just try to help if youve felt the same. recently i dont wanna do anything not even play guitar its freaky. all i did this last week was sleep eat go to the gym and thats it, but i try to play guitar and i feel like ive just lost inspiration i just got into a band and i really dont know whas going on i really dont, have any of you felt his way before?? just lost of will i dunno its strange help!
i've felt this way before several times...what i do is i just usually search around the internet (usually youtube) for any videos of guitarists or new bands to inspire me

try that out and see if it works...it does for me all the time
it almost sounds like depression. more descriptive?
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your probably sick of doing the same thing everyday and try to play the same type of music everytime you pick up the guitar, so try some thing different
yes i have. it didnt last that long. just keep trying to get some inspiration. itll go by fast.

but this doesnt have to do with a girl does it? if it does, youll get over it.
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i think it happens to just about everyone at some point.

when it happened to me i just stopped playing altogether for about two weeks. when i picked the guitar back up, i started pushing myself, learning new techniques, improving current ones, adding some chops to my repertoire and creating some of my own stuff

edit: and try experimenting with different styles
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Yeah, everyone gets it, and 99% of the time it is just temporary.

EDIT: its temporary if you keep playing.
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i've had a lot of that. i don't really know what to do, but get out with friends and try some new stuff.
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Happens to me every once in a while.

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like sumone else said, watch sum youtube videos of sumthing that inspires you

like these...

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i get that sometimes, just break your routine for a day or two, sounds like you're getting bored with doing the same things.
well preaty much what happened 2 me, i quit, but got back in2 guitar a wile ago... the i quit again lol but preaty much yr getin kinda bored of guitar so what, you might get back 2 it, u might not?
learn new styles, find new bands, etc.

^basiically what those guys are saying.
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no it doenst have anything to do with girls, and yeah im trying the same things i guess thats it, i thought it was depression cos i have the lowest confidence and self-esteem in the world but still ive gone through depression before and this time it isnt that bad....the other thing isw that i just got new gear and i thought it was an aweosme one but from what i read here its ****ty, its a line6 and a warlock, lol your gonna probably laugh ur ass off but it yeah its sadi didnt know they were bad