I have a small personal home studio for my solo project. Its 1 room where I record everything, mix, and master in the same area. I know, bad idea, but my house is small.
I have a Boss BR-600 and I record the guitars direct.
Vocals are recorded with a Shure SM57 that i got for $5
and drums are done with the boss's drum machine and also recording a Roland TD-3 V Drumset direct

well there's the background info, here's the deal.
i'm buying a mic stand, cable, and pop filter. so with my remaining money i have about $400 to spend on a mic pre,compressor,monitors and something to make my guitar tone better. are these good choices below?

1.) i plan on getting Blue Sky 2.1 Monitoring System for mixing in 2.1 (subwoofers are your FRIENDS)

in that price range, are there better monitors with bass response for good kick drum/bass guitar seperation? i've been having trouble with my low end equalizing so i wanted a 2.1 monitor set to help me out.

2.) I hate the sound i get recording direct with my guitar. seriously.
but i can't mic my amp since i don't have proper room acoustics!
i considered the line 6 POD but i don't have the money.

i plan on getting the ART Tube PAC REFURB mic preamp/compressor for my microphone and i was wondering if it would also make my guitar tone better if i ran guitar--->mic pre----->recorder w/amp modeler
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Don't record direct!

My setup:

Zoom MRs-4B (150 dollar 4 Track Dig. Recorder)
1 Shure Mic
1 other mic.
I use those through a mixer to the recorder.

It works for Bass, Vocals, guitar, and Drums.

All In all for those 3 things it was about < 400
um...buddy link problem...they both take me to the refurb and listen to garret, he has a point there

and you got a shure mic? thats sick i want those soo bad
try tech21 sansamps for direct, inexpensive and good sounding

what's going to be more important than you might think is how you have the room setup for sound dampening and stopping echo.


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garret: Four track?

Ehh. It's just me, I know, but I couldn't deal with just a 4 track.

I would need at least an 8 track, or some way to record something, save it, then add to the same track later, adding mroe and more layers without draining out and losing the other stuff I recorded before.

But, then again, when I want to start recording, I won't be writing simple music.
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You don't need proper room acoustics to record your guitar amp. Just close-mic it. I'd invest in some kind of computer interface. I think that your recordings will improve greatly if you use a nice DAW. There's lots of really nice drum plug-ins that will really improve your sound. Pirate them if you have to.
EDIT: Oh, I see you have a e-kit. You could connect it with midi and use BFD or EZ-Drummer for samples anyway. You'd have better control over the individual pieces of the kit.
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A great amp/effects modeler for guitar that is great for recording is the MAudio Blackbox. It is an all in one recording interface for guitars and vocals. It helps me alot when I'm recording, but of course nothing really beats miking an amp. Still, just throwing it out there.

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Monitors are nice but you really don't need them when starting out on a tight budget..get some good quality headphones instead as they will give a nice blend of all the bass and high end.

The monitors you are looking at don't have any reviews and I have never heard of them so I cant say how well they will work.
The KRK RP-5 Rokit monitors are a nice start if you must have monitors though...see Tweaks guide message board for info on those.

T highly suggest not getting that tube pre and just using the BR600 pre as those cheap "toob" pre-amps wont do anything good for your tone.

Direct recording is good but you need to setup properly for it and that means having great gear meant for it. I suggest saving up by not buying that preamp for the mic and just going for the POD you were talking about.

single room studios are not bad, if you are the only one running a studio then its the only way you can do a setup...
check out tweaks guide in my sig for more info on all this and see the studio pics section to see that most of the lower end home studios are just one room setups.

BTW this should be in Riffs & Recordings
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