Is it me, or aren't the funerals of the elderly more depressing. I mean, when a kid dies, everyone is suffering because they figure they hadn't lived their life. But when someone over the age of sixty dies, no seems to give a sh*t. It's very depressing. I mean, it makes me upset to think about how after they die, people would forget them easily, unlike children. And eventually, they'll be lost in time.
Oh noes!
I hate funerals.

I don't like being around depressed sad people.

I think we should celebrate the deceased lives, not be sad about their deaths.
even children get lost in time eventually. Death is just the next part of life yes ^_^.
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Everybody dies. Most people feel the need to spend ass-loads of cash on a casket, headstone, funeral ceremony, and a plot of land for their dearly beloved to rot away for all of eternity. I think it's all a waste of time.
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huh? All the funerals I've been to (which has mainly been my grandparents) there's at least one aunt that breaks down during a speech or while they're sitting there..and I was just like "christ not again".. I mean I miss them yeah, but people die when they get old, I think the last few months determine how sad it is really. Especially when they're spent in a hospital, or retirement home..

..fuck now you've got me all sad ):
When I die, I want a mother fucking Viking Funeral where Im put into a wooden Raft and put out too sea on fire.
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Oh noes!
Funerals of the elderly arent depressing at all. they werent jipped out of anything, unlike the lil kids. They lived a full life and it reached its inevitable conclusion. as for your second pt, were all forgotten at some point or another.
Meh. Death needs to be glammed up a bit. People die everyday. My aunt died last week, and I was sad, but eventually I just started thinking about how cool she was, how much pain she was in, and how it's good that she lived her life the way she did. I'm not looking forward to the funeral, because knowing my family, I'll be the only one with this outlook. And of course, how inf*ckingsensitive of me.
I think human grief could be dealt with in a much better way than the traditional western funeral.
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