hi there just wanna ask

how do you strumm?
is there a pattern in strumming? bec..when i play the guitar.the music that i try to play gets lost because of my strumming...ill just strumm, i dont have patterns.

can you help me? because i already know the chords,how to read tabs.....but my problem is strumming
well it really all depends.
yes there are strumming patterns.
and if your playing a song you might want to strum the way there strumming.
but if your playing your own stuff. you can make the strum pattern anything.
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Each song has its own strumming pattern, usually played the same way with every chord thats used in the song, unless theres a fast triplet or something like that. Anyway, you have to listen for the strumming pattern, it'll help you a little bit with your ear too.
yeah there are alot of different patterns dude. just go to youtube and type in guitar lessons or something thats all i can tell you.
basically what you wanna do is keep your right hand moving, so you are constantly strumming 8th or 16th notes. then you just selectively hit the strings, and when you hit and whether or not its on an up/down stroke determines the pattern.
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yup...the up and down strokes
but how do i know to strumm upwards or downwards