besides hardcore tremelo picking, arpeggios, and harmonics i can think of no other needed skills for metal. as long as you know your harmonic minor scales
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Learn all variations of the minor scales. And throw in some tritones; those will always grab attention.
For the love of God though, whatever you do, don't just doodle up and down the scales... listen to Death Metal bands that actually write decent solos...

For example, Drop C grunging away some morbid slaughtering of third world country children... and you step up to solo you come at us with some kind of furious barrage of sinister note-ness..... then you doodle up to the higher notes and everything dries up and the sun comes out.... as if we are going mach 5 through the clouds...then doodle back down to earth where an A-bomb goes off and faces are melting and whatnot......yeaahhh.....

kinda like Dethklok....
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