Hey this is a demo (don't think that will affect the quality, It's recorded pretty solidly). It's pretty sad honestly, so I know some of you may not like the genera or style but please crit on the music and what you feel about it.


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Thanks and I will get back to your songs

I appreciate any and every comment...

Ill drive you home
You can't let me in
I We've never been here
I know what you'll say
I'm too far away
The look in your eyes
The pain won't stay

You're gone
I've gotta move on
I'll write a new song
And get over you

Im driving you home
The windows are closed
Tights like your lips
Nothing gets in

The water falls down
The windows outside
It shows in your eyes
Their raining tears too
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Very nice! Sounds very professional and the synth in the background complements very nicely. Good work man

In the chorus however, I think the "I'll write a new song" should be lower. Like, instead of the last word "song" in this case being higher, make it lower because the previous lines were higher. I dunno if that makes sense...

But thats all I could find that stood out to me. Again, nice work.
Excellent recording quality! Honestly, I thought the lyrics were bland and generic in the first verse. The second verse lyrics, however, were well written. Kudos.

The style wasn't my cup-o-tea, but I can't dock you for that. That's personal preference. Your guitar tone was very nice. Besides the first verse lyrics, I didn't like the structure of the song. Needs another chorus or outro at the end to bring the music back together and close it. That's all I really have to say.

Here's mine, bro:

nice job dude. ur genre honestly isnt my favorite but i know good skillz when i hear it.
listening to the older stuff you have on ur myspace, this "demo" that you just posted is easily the best one production wise.

im curious, did you do all this at home? are the drums sampled?
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i like the chord proggession. nice job with the vocals. the strings were a nice touch, although i have mixed feelings about how well they actually fit. i like the drum beat. the lyrics for this were really good. it's nice to hear you do something sad, since alot of your stuff is very happy.

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Very nice, man. Very good quality and everything too. Your voice sounds pretty good; music's good; very solid song. This particular style isn't exactly my favorite, but you still did a great job. I like the strings in the background. They really added a lot. Good song.
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I don't know how to do that, or haven't found the patience too, lol I put it in two places did both not work?

No I'm pretty sure they both work I went to the first one that was just an mp3. I just hate myspace because it is an insult people who craft websites that don't make my eyes bleed.

Anyways I went to the first link and it sounded pretty nice. The quality of the recording is really good.
this has a really great vibe. i love how laid back it sounds. i actually really liked the lyrics. it doesn't matter if they're simple. they're emotional and easy to relate to. no complaints, i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed it. these vocals are probably my favorite from you. it sounds as if you're singing a bit softer, i like it. great job.