Amidst the Fallen

Awesome band that I know of. Local, but still one of the most talented bands I've come across. Production is pretty damn good as well considering their locality and lack of support..so far..Give em a damn listen..
They were alright, pretty generic though and no vocals. I probably wouldn't listen to them because I'm kind of done with the whole metalcore thing. Better than the last few crappy local bands that have been posted in here though.
Meh. The only good thing was the guitar. I get the feeling he's very good, but the bassist is mediocre at best, and I'm probably being generous. And the drums?...they're very obviously programmed. Those songs are far from "real". As for the band...well, it's tough to say anything without a singer, but I was very unimpressed and I have trouble imagining anything but cliched screaming over the music.