the first song is like indie rock i guess...i just want some suggestions on it before im done with it to make it easier on myself. So...suggestions on touching up whats done and on where to go with it would be greatly appreciated. The verses were inspired by a talk about compound time signatures...so although they're in 4/4 they should have a 3/8 + 3/8 + 2/8 feel... like 1+2 1+2 1+ 1+2 1+2 1+ ...so thats useless i guess...just...an interesting tidbit

the second one... well... the second one was the first time i wrote lyrics first... and i was going for something inspired by The Prize Fighter Inferno, where there's a couple of guitar parts and thats it, and pretty much only having a verse and chorus, and not really any other riffs or themes or anything... though there is a solo. i know this one is probably dull... but it was supposed to be simple and somewhat repetive, and more vocally/lyrically driven. So ideas are welcome but i want to keep it simple. oh...and there is kinda no intro right now...so just try to ignore that. umm...crits yeah?

im not gonna post any other formats because they're not finished and i dont want to take the time to change everything. i'd rather finish the pieces.
so people without 5.2... sorry... but you're not really missing out, and you can hear the final versions later.