Hey whats up UG'rs? I am writing to ask how I should come up with my own rhythem? I can play alot of songs by ear now (excluding solo's), but I cant write my own ****. Im getting pissed.

I mean I can write, but it sounds pretty generic. How does one get thier own feel?
Sit around and hum. Look at the stars. Listen to the cars pass by and the planes overhead and hear the music. The beats should come naturally. Hell, I might come up with one while tapping my pencil to my desk during a final.

Edit: And even if it's just something really simple like "dun...dun-da-dun-da-da...dun-da...dun", you can just expand on it. If you've ever heard stuff like "Little Wing" you'll see how cool something can sound if you just expand on the beat.
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