so I've been wanting a vine inlay on a fretboard for forever and i was wondering what is the best way to do this

p.s. i don't want to do it to my current guitar i want to do it to a Fender TC-90 thinline

so here are the options i came up with

---buy the inlay and get it installed on the already existing neck(would this be super expensive/not possible)

---build my own guitar from parts from stewmac and get it installed on that neck (wouldn't that be the same as installing it on the neck of the guitar anyway, or can i buy one without frets and that would make the job easier)

---buy a replacement neck that already has the inlay and just attach it the the fender/DIY guitar (for instance like an ibanez JEM neck, but would it be hopeless to find one that will fit, and could i find one that dosn't have the ibanez logo on it)
it is possible for a luthier to install a vine inlay on a guitar you want, but it would be hella expensive. Do you have any guitar building experiance? If so, I say put the inlay in yourself. If you dont have any experiance, choice 1 or 3 would be best.
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