Hey everyone,

Thanks in advance for checking out my topic. I have a moderate problem when playing during which the fleshy part of my fingers seems to very lightly be touching the string below the one I am playing (i.e. playing the sixth string they hit the fifth). I'm keeping my fingers pretty well curved, and when I press the string being grazed while pressing the string I am currently playing, I don't feel it anymore (if that made any sense). As well, it doesn't happen with every finger every time, though my pinky is the most problematic.

Here are some links to a few (terrible) pictures so you might get a better idea of my left-hand situation in general





Is this normal or not a problem? Think I might grow out of it as my chops get better? Any input is awesome, even if it's not about the string issue. Also let me know if you need me to be more detailed.

Thanks again guys
u have a clean hand...

it's kind of a problem. ur not really supposed to fret it flat with ur finger. it's more of a fingertip thing.
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you're applying pressure with the wrong part of your fingers.
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Thanks a ton for the replies guys!

I guess that wasn't the best picture because it seems that my left-hand grip has changed somewhat for the better since those pictures, however I'll keep working on it.

If anyone would be willing to look as dumb as me and post a picture of their correct positioning I'd greatly appreciate it, but if not I'll just work to make sure that I'm always pressing with the tips of my fingers. Interestingly enough, I've been playing (very in a very lackluster fashion might I add) for a while and all my callouses are on the very tips of my fingers.

Anywho, thanks a bunch
eh, i don't see anything wrong there? that's like identical to how i play, and i've never had any problems.
You'll deffinately want to watch how you fret in regards to that first picture. That angle of attack is all wrong. Try to fret each string at a right angle to the fretboard, like an L shape. That will minimize the buzzin you'll get from a finger mistakenly touching a neighbouring string and muting/buzzing it. Some chords of course require you to do partial barres with other fingers besides your forefinger. I'm not referring to those. Take a simple C chord, open position. When fretting it, each of your fingers should be coming straight down to the fretboard, making up that right angle between the board and your finger. The bends of your fingers should start at the second knuckle, not the first, smallest one. Hope this helps.
It could be related to your posture. Holding the guitar high in a classical guitar position will make it easier to hold your knuckles above the fretboard -- if you hold the guitar too low, it is hard for the hand to wrap around the fretboard, causing for incorrect angles, over-use of finger strength and muting adjacent strings.

Also, if you bring your elbow further forward, the knuckles of your fretting hand will be higher above the fretboard. This will allow you to use more of the force of your whole arm, rather than having to rely solely on finger strength to fret the tones. You will also find it easier for your fingertips to come straight down, perpendicular to the fretboard, which will allow you to avoid muting adjacent strings.

That's what I do, hope it helps ...