You just bought it and you're already looking to mod!?

What's 'wrong' with it?

None the less I suppose there are a few things you could do:

1: Straplocks - Always a good idea, unless you like dropping instruments.

2: Lock-tight or glue the input jack, switch, and (strap lock) pins in place. The strap pins like to work themselves loose overtime and the input jack and switch are likely to have the nut get loose from them and then have them drop inside the guitar, which is bad for obvious reasons.

3: COMPLETELY OPTIONAL: Wilkinson EZ-LOK tuners - They're worth the money if you're having problems with tuning stability, but if it's good already don't fix what ain't broke!
Hardware is the weak point on the AM73, so thats where I'd start.

Gotoh 510 fully locking bridge from stewmac. Its expensive, but its without a doubt one of the best things you could do to improve tone and sustain. Its a drop in replacement for the AM73. Even if you don't go with a locking bridge, you should replace the crappy tune-o-matic clone.
Gotoh 510 bridge

You don't need locking tuners for that guitar. Again, I'd recommend Gotoh. They make very nice tuners in the $35 range. The no name stock tuners suck.

Sure Grip II knobs. The knobs they used on most of their guitars through the 80's. They are available from the store on Ibanez.com and look way better than the generic speed knobs that come on the guitar.
Sure Grip II's

Depending on what type of music you play, you may want to swap pickups.

I'd also check out the forums on Ibanez.com. There's been several threads on upgrading the AR/AM series.
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