I was watching some Victor Wooten and i saw him do what appeared to be a Harmonic slide of some sort. is this possible? i have been playing with it and i cant get even close to one, anybody care to shed some light on this?
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Harmonic slides on bass are very possible (although much easier on a fretless). Just hit the harmonic (and start with a very defined one like the 5th or 7th fret) and then bring your finger quickly down onto the fretboard and continue the slide as you would with a normal note. Sounds good in a few situations but is pretty gimmicky and useless overall.
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its not possible!!

just kidding

he plays the harmonic, then does a type of hammer slide. then the harmonic rings out from that frett.

so i'm guessing you have seen the video i did where he did a harmonic on 5th frett and did this hammer slide thingo to 7th frett.

try it, it's not all that hard

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my bass teacher was astounded when i showed him (hes been playing for like 20 years and didn't know about it lol