Well, this is my first guitar project, so I’ve been learning a whole lot about the craft. I was inspired to make a Lexan guitar after I saw one being played on one of those late night shows. I looked on the net to see if I could find one with a shape that matched my taste, but I couldn’t find one, so I decided to build one… Sort of a stupid idea, now that I think of it, but so far it’s going well, so I don’t regret it.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, Lexan is a very hard plastic that is used in banks and limousines as protection from robbers. It’s commonly known as bulletproof glass, though it’s not glass at all. My uncle installs/uninstalls bank equipment, and that’s where I got my piece. From what I've read, Lexan sounds really good (especially if you play heavy metal or anything like it) and it sustains forever. The design I did is completely original. I guess it could be described as a less dramatic V. I made it as small as possible, which, in retrospect, may affect the way it sounds in a negative way, but it also makes it lighter (lexan is heavy).

So far, I’ve finished most of the shaping of the body, and I need to cut the trem cavities, pickup cavities, and also one for the neck. I wimped out on building the neck and bought one off ebay, but I think I’ll build one for my next project, which I already have plans for (neck-through, baby!).

Anyway here are the pics of some of the process, and what’s been done so far.

I did the rough cut with a Saws-All and the final cut with a router, which may seem weird, but it was the only thing I had that could cut the hard plastic without either melting it or just plain destroying it.

In order to cut the angles on the "wings" of the body, I had to build this contraption.

The little shape that was left uncut is where the tone/volume pots will go.

You can see little pencil marks on it. I was scribbling parts on it to see how everything would fit. :] From cutting it, it doesn't look clear anymore, but after it's polished it'll be crystal.

So, that's what I've got so far. I bought a Gotoh Floyd Rose tremolo off ebay. I'm going to have cut the block of the trem because it's designed for a thicker guitar than what I'm building. My uncle is a machinist, so he's going to help me with that. Weirdly enough, the B.C. Rich "Ice" guitars also have cut trems due to the plastic's lack of thickness. Also, I don't plan on cutting a cavity for the trem. I think I'm going to set it on the face of the body and limit myself to just dives. I'm not sure, so if you have any opinions on this, post.

I think that's pretty much it, though I've probably forgotten one or two thing that I will no doubt remember after I hit the post button. Any ideas, comments, and advice is totally welcome.

Thanks. :]
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They aren't Lexan. ;P

The guitars you saw are Lucite.

But I'll be interested to see how this turns out.