After asking questions on my home studio, i realized that its about time for me to throw in the white flag and try this "DAW computer interface recording" bull ****.

I've never touched a computer for recording. Never. To me, computers are not meant for music production. the greatest sounding albums of all time were made back when we didnt have "pro tools". but instead of being a hard ass, im giving it a shot

I just bought a line 6 TonePort KB37. its a midi controller and convertor box all in one (so now i can hook up instruments and mics to the computer). it also has built in mic preamps and came with some guitar rig thing that lets me change my guitar tone up on my computer screen. its pretty cool.

but i still need a drum machine or drum software. what do i get? i don't have the space in my computer room to lug my Roland V-drums in here.

another thing: how do i record tracks? i bought this TonePort expecting to be able to come into the world of computer recording. i dont see 1 goddamn mixer or multitrack on my screen. don't tell me i need more software........

i'm sitting here with a Shure SM57, an electric guitar, a bass, and this Line 6 thing. i want to make music on my friggin computer. and its gotta be this damn difficult.
yea you'll need more software for mixing....sry...you can find cool edit pro on limewire...its kinda ****ty...or you could buy cakewalk, i hear is pretty good although it costs a bit i think...there are tons of others those are just the first two that popped in my head...
The best software for drums is Reason, but it does alot of other stuff too and you'll be paying for it accordingly.
Get some sort of recording software. You might as well download Audacity if you just want to give the whole digital interface idea a try, plus it's not that bad considering it's free.
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for the mixing software and what not, I use Sony Acid. Its not a bad program.
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Most of the time, an interface will typically include some type of basic recording software... i'm not familiar with line 6 stuff though. I could've sworn i read a review somewhere that the Line6 toneport was supposed to ship with some basic version of Abelton Live....... i could be wrong though. I don't really **** with Line6 gear.
Also, i neglected to mention this before. I've worked quite a bit with Sony Acid and Cakewalk in some of my previous bands, not bad programs and they can be had (certain versions anyway) for far less than the cost of Logic or something along those lines.