Well I think some people say they can do like 21 nps with it..Its nuts. I think I can tremolo pick 16ths at like 280 bpm, or 32nds at 140ish..

Anyways, whats it matter? xD You can go fast with it, end of.
i developed a new picking tecnnique a few days ago and trippled my picking speed to picking 16th notes at 300-320 bpm, and was curious to how good that compares to other peoples methods and speeds.
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i pick right behind the 24th fret above the neck pup

Hm....Feels the same as when I pick anywhere else

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^hmm i cant help but have the feeling that you also think this sounds like a bit of bull**** insideac

You called it
when i change to this technique im only using my wrist to pick where my old technique had some forearm movement which slowed down my picking
since tremolo picking is one of my favored techniques and i wasnt good at i needed a new method hence this thchnique
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