Ok, so I was wondering, have you ever had a favorite band or artist, but after their time? For me, it's Lynyrd Skynyrd/Ronnie Van Zant, GnR, AC/DC, Ozzy, and Metallica...before they started getting less metal-ish. So what band/artist did you like after they broke up/died/quit?
you're stupid. most people only like new bands, never old. i mean, that's crazy to think someone might like music after the artists are gone.
pantera, the doors, the jimi hendrix experience, metallica, carcass, nirvana, death, dissection, but all these bands were already in my top ten playlist even before i found out that half of the members in 'em were getting it on with the fishes.
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i find this a stupid question since im sure the "after their time" bit could be applied to any band. Metallica, megadeth,korn,ozzy,sabbath

and im sure most of UG listens to bands that were before their time
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i first heard of metallica when "Load" came out. i guess because it was my first exposure to them, I dig their Load and Reload stuff.

Of course Hendrix.

a few others. I can't remember them. Too much computer programming tonight has fried my brain.
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as often as i have "heard" of old school bands i never actually listened to them but i got an old turntable for christmas and started collecting vinyls and now any old classic rock album will do. i love zeppelin, ac/dc, i have a thing for eurythmics sweet dreams album too. clapton, seger, ozzy
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