hi all,
Im after a new guitar, i want one with a "fast" style. Ive had my eye on the LTD
m-10, any other ideas guys?
That guitar is pretty much a piece of crap...

What gear are you currently using, what genres of music do you want to play, and what is your budget?
get yourself an s-series ibanez w/ the ZR trem. you'll love it. it's a fast guitar, and you can find a really good one in your price range.
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+1 unless he meant M-1000 which is out of his budget, but is sexy as hell, tone is awesome, and has a nice fast neck if that's what you're eyeing, then save for it,
I strongly recommend it

what's with you looking at cheap f-in guitars? the KH-202 is a piece of **** as well.

otherwise, here's a few suggestions




there are some that shine