Hey guys I don't know if I'm in the right place or not but I recently bought the Muse edition of Total Guitar and in the chop builder section some of the notes had cirlces and squares around them and they were usually the beggining or end of a tapping sequence (one hand or two) and i was wondering what the heck it meant. Ive already tried googleing it but I could only find guides to reading interent tab. What do those squares and cirlces mean? (Ps: I already know the a Diamond around a note means a harmonic of one kinda or another) (You dont have to have the tab im talking about I just want to know what the symbols mean in general)
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In tapping sequences you say?

Squares in tapping sequences usually indicate left hand tapping, so more of a hammer without a picked string.
Circles are usually right hand tapping - your picking hand.

Harmonics are usually diamonds or triangles.

There should be a key of some kind towards the back of the magazine.
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