i'm having trouble going fast w/ alt picking, or even alt picking without messing up a few notes because my pick gets stuck. i read somewhere that tilting my pick forward some helps, and it does a little, but my pick gets stuck alot when coming back up. help plz =x
If you are having trouble alternate picking at fast speed, then you have just jumped there straight away, and have not started slow like you should have. Get your metronome, start at a comfortable speed and don't bump it up until you can play it 100% every time.
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it happend to me too. i am slowly getting better at it. what you need is time, experimentation with differently guaged picks, and to not hold your pick so tight
Yes, try playing slow and relaxed. Start easy and don't expect yourself to pick it up right away. I remember that I used to have a problem with alternate picking but I got better over time.

Just take it slow and play relaxed A Metronome also really helps like Alter-Bridge mentioned.