Feel free to post stories. It'd be interesting to see the reasoning.

I partly did, but never had the guts to really run away. It was more like a leaving home for a day with the intention of not coming back for a few weeks, but naturally I failed miserably at that, too.
And naturally, it was over a girl. Ahh, good times, being 16.
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Well, I haven't... but my girlfriend has, many times... I'm not sure what was up with her XD
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I have, I think about 3 times.
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I walk out of home and don't come back for a day when parents give me the ****s but that doesn't happen to much and i'm horrible at holding a grudge lol
My parents are way too chill to run away from, but I would without hesitation or pause aid a friend who ran away and help them get through whatever they're dealing with.
yeah, but just to catch a bus or something.
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The only reason I don't is because the cops are gonna be all over it if I do. No point.
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Gawd, i considered everything a few months ago when i was in a state over a girl. High school romances, eh? Tbh, moping around the house and hitting things *and a few sobs* were all i acheived. When i look back on it i feel extremely stupid....
i tried to escape from my "therapeutic boarding school" once, then I went to jail for a few days rather than going back, then I was ordered by a judge to go back.
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I left home when I was 15...yeah great idea there....didn't see or speak to my folks for 3 years...got married.

One day my folks walked into my work, where my husband works also.

He walked up to my dad and shakes his hand. "Hi, I'm Curt...I married your daughter."

Talk about a scene.
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i did a few times when i was like 5-6.

i would walk up the road for like 20 mins, then go home.

i never could really do it.
Back when I was 16 I had my girlfriend come down and pick me up, I had a big tub full of my stuff, and the guitar I had then (A Washburn X 10). We threw my stuff in her car and left for her home, which is two hours from where I live.

During this time, my grandpa was admitted to the hospital. I was found, and made it to the hospital to see him one last time before he died. That's the only reason I'm thankful the cops found me.
i dont think i could my perants could piss me off that bad for me to do it but it looks fun
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i used to leave notes when i was little that i ran away but i was really just hiding in my closet until my mom shouted something up the stairs about food... i broke so easily

and i only ran away somewhat seriously one time, mid afternoon. i came back about midnight...
I thought of running away from home about 246,507 times and never did cos i usually got work the day i plan to leave
Yes, when I was 10, I ran away with my brother who got in a fight with my grandfather, my grandfather was going to hit him so he ran away and dragged me with him. He told me he would feel lonely, but we had a great time, he showed me weed, cool movies, we ate at those 2 euro restaurants, and finally he made out with his girlfriend in front of me, which was a new thing for me.
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i dont think i could my perants could piss me off that bad for me to do it but it looks fun

No it's not fun, It's really fucking not.