Hey guys I've been looking for a new distortion pedal for a few months now and I've settled on two i really really want. A Coffin Blood Drive from the same company that make the Coffin Cases and a Krank Distortius Maximus. I play a weird Proggy Thrash Metalcore sorta thing so I was wondering which you guys thaught I should get. Im only playing through a 40V practice amp, and im kinda looking for somethign that will make the high string sound really screechy and the low strings sound really heavy. What do you guys rekon?
Exactly what amp are you playing through? Honestly, if you're not satisfied with the onboard distortion, I'd say sell it and buy a better amp, that will be way more rewarding in the long run. But if you must have a pedal, check out the EHX Metal Muff.
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if youre looking for that sortof sound, id chose the distortus maximus over the blood drive. the blood drive is actually kindof warm, almost like a tubescreamer
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Rocktron Silver Dragon.

if you are a good guitar player, it will be the perfect amount of gain for you. as a metal player, i've learned that to cut through the mix with power and clarity, you need a tube preamp and distortion at 5 or 6 rather than 9 or 10. the rocktron silver dragon is perfect in my opinion, even though i stopped using distortion pedals once i got a Randall stack


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Look for the Sansamp GT-2

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