Hi guys,
im here. Its a great site with a lot of good lessons and people.. I have been playing guitar for 1-1.5 years now, but i am really confused what i should play.. im mostly into classic rock and old metel like megadeth, metallica, DT, maiden, etc.. what i want is a proper practise routine.. i can play for 3 hours a day, so if anyone can give me a practice routine for 3 hours it would be great....
Thnxx in Advance..
i just started playing a few days ago, and you probably know more than me, but my advice is to just learn how to play a song you like, master it, learn another song, or write your own. that's what i've been doing for 6ish hours each day, i never get bored.
You might want to try practicing your fingering/fretting hand tecniques and left hand accuracy, right hand dexterity/palm muting and rythym, note reading also, modes and scales.

but really, you should just practice what you want.