This is the problem. I own an SG, which may not sound like much of a problem but the thing is that the more i learn about guitars and the more familiar get with them, i've started 5 years ago, the more and more i hate my SG. i want a thin sturdy neck on a guitar that can do anything from acoustic cleans, to muddy riffs. I hear about gibson and fender and gibson and fender, but i've just been dissapointed when trying those guitars. the gibson are fat, and the fenders feel cheap (to me). Are ibanez, schecter, and peavey as good as i've heard??? i like the idea of a super thin neck and some mean pickups with tons of versatility. I've especially been checking out the peavey v-type and ibanez guitars. so for those of you that have tried all these brands, do these guitars dominate over gibson and fender or what? i haven't had a chance to check em out personally but on youtube they seem to completely own with cleans and distortion. Should i sell my SG and get a $700-1000 ibanez, peavey, or schecter. I'm not a metal head but from what i've seen you don't need to be to play these guitars. any help would be much appreciated. anyone out there pass up a les paul for a js1000?
i put my trust in both Schecter and Ibanez. schecter's necks are a bit fatter, but are cheaper in price while keeping up the same quality as more expensive guitars. i like ibanez for their general greatness. the necks are thin, so that may be the one you want. i personally use ibanez as my main amp.

as for peavey. i havent had much fun with their guitars, but their basses are sick as hell. the millennium series has the best 5 strings for the cheapest price.
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well i myself am a fan of ibanez and fender. gibsons do not work for me. although my strat is more of a custom built and not a fender its very very similiar.
ibanez in my opinion are much better gutiars than gibsons. much much better. a js1000 will run you about 1300 and there is no guitar better for that kind of money. the coil tap makes it extremly versatile going from single coil cleans for the glassy and prettiest cleans to heavy heavy leads. w/e genre u name it can do it. i myself choise a jem since i liek teh rg bodies better but the js1000 is a fantastic guitar.
schecters are very good too. i havent had as much expierience as much as i do with ibanez but they are very good bang for buck gutiars.
peavys you ahve to get way higher end to get good guitars so i dont really recomoend them.
also antoehr suggestion is go to warmoth by some parts and build your own. i did that this summer and my strat is unbelivable.
but yaa you just gota go try them out
i own a Ibanez RG series, and a S series. both are great guitars. the RG has a beautiful sound with an awesome finish and great for any music, $350, you could upgrade to the better model for $600. the S sieries is made out of mahogany and is very small. love it
I tried out a lower priced Peavey V and it was awesome. Pretty thin neck, high output but still clean pickups and the double locking trem didn't go out of tune.
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I don't know why you're asking us... you seem to know exactly what your after, just go to a guitar shop try out some guitars. Simply asking "is brand 'a' better than brand 'b' is just going to get you opinionated answers which may or may not be helpful (or true).

Every brand has good guitars, it's just a matter of if it's a good guitar for you...
I own a Les Paul Studio, and had a similar dilema to you. I loved to sound the Les Paul acheived, but wanted something a bit different.

After trying every superstrat in the £500-£700 range i could find, I settled on a Jackson DK2m.

Id definitely recommend one of those, and the compound raidius neck might me more 'close to home' if you're moving from an SG
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