Ive been trying to learn cowboys from hell from a powertab file and its just bugered me. Has anyone got any tips on playing the riff? I can play the solo from walk so its not like im a total begginer or anything. I know al the notes to the intro but it just doesnt come together. Help me guys!
Well, I learnt it from their tab book...
Alot easier and it sounds the same, Try making the starting point 7th fret (E) on the A String.

Also it isn't a hard riff, I'm complete sheet at guitar and I learnt it pretty much straight off from the tab book... Just super practice huh?
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I play the intro at the 12th fret E string, the hardest part for me was the part that goes
E-----15-----15------------ if you know what I'm talking about, its a little tricky but if you slow the track down and work on the quirky switch on the A string the rest of the riff falls into place