Im looking for cheap EQ pedals as i cant really afford and eq as expensive as the MXR. Ive been looking at the Danelectro or the DOD, but i cant find any dealers here in australia. Billy Hyde has Danelectros, but not the Fish and Chips.. so are there any other cheap eqs i could find here in australia?
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I have the Behringer one. Sounds way too artificial.

BTW, running any EQ through the Roland Cube will not yield good results.
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thats why i only want a cheap one, im just going to use it for boost first. and besides, i dont usually play live on my own amp
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Hyde will get the Fish N Chips in for you. Any danelectro dealer can order in any product for you. If they say they can't, then they are just too lazy to do it for such a small sale.
Try the RockTek 6 band. I picked mine up from my local music shop a while ago and it does the job and was only $60.
the problem is that i dont live anywhere near billy hyde =/. do you have a list of the danelectro dealers? because i cant find any on google
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^Have you been to any local music shops to see what they have in store? I wouldnt go with a real cheapie like the Danelectro. Probably better off getting a good one, because quality lasts and you will have a new amp oneday and be able to use it.

Thats the RockTek
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yeah but im planning on getting two eqs anyway, so i will get that ten band sometime..
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You'll probably just have to find a local store that sells them. What state do you live in?
Victoria, i live near the city. Im a boarder as well, so its kinda hard to get around places
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I'm out in the suburbs You can get a train easily to billy hyde in blackburn, or 5 star music in ringwood to place your order. If you want I'll go to 5 star tomorrow and ask them how much for it & how long to get it in
whereabouts? hah i dont even know where ringwood is.. hmm well youve probably been there already but ok sure if you're going now.
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2 weeks, and 40 bucks.

It's eastern suburbs, about 45 minutes from the city. Theres often express trains from Flinders Street to ringwood, and 5 star music is less than a minutes walk from the station. You can even see it from the train!
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