I am a complete noob at guitar, I learned how to read the chords. I do not know how to practice changing chords, and I do not know which ones are the beginner practice songs and which ones are not.
Changing chords become very simple after practice. A good way to practice this technique is by holding down your fingers in one chord formation and then changing them to another. Do it slowly at first but then after a while gradually pick up the pace.
Hi! I'm also starting to learn how to play a guitar. The easiest way how to learn:
1. get some list of 50-60 chords and how to play them
2. Play how many song a day as you can
3. step-by-step learn about theory...

I think the most imortant steps are 1 and 2 in the beginning. You need to get a feeling of rythm and strong but precise grip for playing nice chords. I suggest for playing in the beginning songs e.g. in D major. It's easy to play the chords in them
(mostly D,G,Am,C...). E.g.:
Bryan Adams- Cloud number nine
Eagles- Tequila sunrise or Lying eyes
Tom Jones- Green grass of home
Uriah heep- Lady in black...

And after some time harder and harder song. For example after this
you can try to play R.E.M.- losing my religion. It's not to hard but it has
some more chords to change during it. And you'll need to try playing chords
with usin barre (like F here)
I hope the elders agree with me. If not... I'm still young. I'm playing just for 3 weeks
you can go to youtube and learn there

just search the internet

were just the same now but the more passion you have the more you will go pro
theres also lessons on this site. and chord chart..and do read up on your theory. just take it easy. major and minor chords. if u learn to fast u might learn something wrong and/or learn something sloppy. but like dude man said up there lol G...A...C...E...D once u get the hang of things work on F and all the variations for these chords.