Here it goes:

I've been at university for the past two months, during which my guitar remained at home. So, due to the lack of being able to play, I've been seriously GASing for some new guitars. Mine is coming in the mail shortly [finally], but I'm still lusting after some new equipment. I've got everything pretty much planned out - I know essentially everything that I'll want in my life, as far as guitars go. What I need are some opinions on what to save up for first.

Right now I've got:
-ESP LTD EC-2005 [Anniversary model of the EC-500S]
-Epiphone Valve Standard
-EHX Metal Muff

As for playing style, pretty much any genre suits me. I'm into ska [old school 60s stuff, two-tone, third wave, skapunk, and rocksteady], reggae, punk [70s and 80s mostly], metal [thrash, melodic, death, european, power, hardcore and post-hardcore], progressive, classical, and I'm just starting to get into jazz and blues. So I play quite a bit, but if I had to narrow it down I'd say that I play metal and ska/reggae the most.

Anyway, here's what I'm looking at:

More realistic options:
-Hagstrom Swede
-Hagstrom Ultra Lux XL-2
-ESP Eclipse II SW
-ESP LTD MH-1000 w/ EMGs and FR
-American Telecaster [HS Routed]

Guitars I plan on getting, but are significantly more expensive:
-Parker Fly Mojo
-Fender 1957 Vintage Reissue Strat
-Ibanez JS1200
-Ibanez RGA321F
-Fender Eric Johnson Strat
-Fender American Strat Custom [Alpine/Snow White, Maple or Alpine White neck, EMG passive single coils, set-in Roland midi pickup]

So there you have it. I congratulate anyone who actually read through all that.

I'm a freshman and I'm in the dorms, so I don't want any new amp suggestions - this one suits me [and my neighbors] fine, and I won't really have the option of getting a larger/newer amp for quite some time [but don't worry, it's planned for.] Also, I'm not looking into different guitar suggestions, but if you have an odd or unique recommendation [a unique shop or luthier (like Manson) or vintage-style (like Eastwood, Italia, or Reverend)] then go ahead.

So what do you think I should start saving for?
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yeah the esp eclipses are really nice gutars, I've only ever played one in a shop but it was pretty sweet I think I'd go for that out of all you listed.
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seeing as you've already got an lp with humbuckers, maybe look into a strat or tele with single coils? the eclipses are beautiful, really great guitars, but will have a semi-similar tone to your ec500. a strat or tele will give you some nice versatility. that and strats and teles are great for ska/reggae.
have you considered a delay pedal?

and a godin guitar?
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Hmm... Have you considered a Caparison guitar?
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Tell me more about the "Fender American Strat Custom [Alpine/Snow White, Maple or Alpine White neck, EMG passive single coils, set-in Roland midi pickup]". that sounds sweet, minus the passive emg's.
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Well I basically plan on getting an American Strat and then modding it. I might buy a Warmoth body and then just buy a Fender neck - thought if I end up getting the alpine white neck I'll probably need to get a professional luthier's help. I'm going to rout another spot for a Roland, that's one of the main characteristics of this guitar - I might go for Lace sensors over the EMGs; the main reason is that passive EMG singles are super clean and super quiet.
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