i always keep my guitar in either drop C or drop B
what are some things that i can do to my guitar to get the best out of it?

eg. different strings or can i get the guitar set to C?

anything would be very helpful
you can get it set up for drop c
and put some higher gauge strings on
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Definitely a set up and thicker strings. I'm in B-flat standard with gauge 13. Also, a lot of pickups sound muddy in lower tunings (not sure if that's your case or not). Another thing you can do is simply to fool around with th EQ settings on your amp. Lowering the tuning should warrant an EQ adjustment. Having your guitar set up to standard and then lowering it to those tunings isn't exactly healthy for it; it needs to be set up to accomodate being that low.
you mine as well get it professionally set up for lower tuning. there's a lot more that goes into it than just tuning. but see if the tech you take it to will let you sit in so you can learn to do it yourself.
- Thicker strings are needed
- you might have to adjust string height, to compensate for flab
- you might have to move the pickups a bit closer to the strings
- you might have to adjust the intonation on your bridge
- you might have to decrease your Bass, and increase your middle and treble a bit on the amp

I do these things myself, but if its your first time you might want to get someone else to do it for you, and watch carefully. Also, your pickups might not be suited for drop tunings. Some pickups, especially the cheaper ones tend to get pretty muddy when tuning below CGCFAD. For this tuning, I prefer .11 strings.
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I can quite easily change my trem equipped guitars from standard to Drop C, still using 9-42 strings. Thicker strings aren't always needed. It all comes down to the guitar and how it is set up.
If I play in drop C with normal strings, sometime's the note is a bit off because the strings are so loose and it's hard not to bend the string when you press down on the string so you need VERY VERY thick strings
you don't NEED a higher gauge string. I personally think a well set up guitar with 9-46 or 9-42 can be better than a poorly set up guitar with 11-52s. Again, it all comes down to your guitar and your technique.

What kind of guitar do you have?
Does drop C and drop B mean that the E string has been lowered to 'C' or 'B', or is there more to it?
Am I right in thinking that a lot of metal bands detune the E string to 'D' to get that
'Doomy' feeling? (Drop D tuning?)

Sorry for being a bit dim!!
A bit more to it. Drop C generally refers to CGCFAD, which allows lower notes and, due to the dropped 6th strong, easier power chords. Drop B is something like BF#BEG#C#, but its 2am I have the flu, forgive me if I'm off a bit.

A lot of metal bands play using drop tunings, and Drop C seems to be pretty popular. Although a few of my favourite metal/hardcore bands use Drop D, Drop C#, Drop B, Drop A or baritone standard.
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