im a big fan of zakk but im not really into my metal and have no idea which songs are his best (in terms of riffs, solos e.t.c).........could ne of you name a few of his best songs so i could get tabs n stuff?

found a clip on you tube..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv-ffccBfMg does ne one know the songs these riffs r from?

Yeah well there are so many great ones... in that video it starts out as I Don't Know by Ozzy... and then i think it's just random doodling.

But some songs you'll wanna check out are Stillborn, Bored to Tears, Concrete Jungle, Suicide Messiah, Sold my soul... and a great one by Pride and Glory called Losing Your Mind. Get the Kings of Damnation CD, it's amazing.
there are some great zakk tracks from both him being with ozzy and black label society:

No More Tears - Ozzy
Perry Mason - Ozzy
Bleed for Me - Black Label Society
Demise of Sanity - Black Label Society
Stillborn - Black Label Society

basically get the black label society album 'kings of damnation' and your set, as its a compilation/
In This River is probably the best zakk wylde song i think, the long one i mean, 13 years of grief is good too.
btw the song in the video clip is i dont know by ozzy