In the near future, I'll be looking to obtain gainful employment, which will provide me with the necessary funds to add to my musical equipment. So, this means I'm on a gear hunt, and this is what I want:

I want to be able to amplify vocals in my band, which is a mostly punk rock group. We've got a loud drummer, a loud bassist, and three guitarists. Three is excessive, but that's not a problem, because it works for us. So, I need some way of amplifying vocals in my band so we can hear them when we jam, and preferably, use the same equipment when we gig, if the venue doesn't have equipment we can use.

I want to be able to amplify both a bass and a keyboard when I look to purchase those down the track, along with acoustic guitars.

I want to be able to easily record my band when we're ready for that.


Evidently, I'll be wanting a mixer. For a mixer, I would be looking to spend no more than $400AUS. The mixer would need atleast eight mic inputs, and need not necessarily include a poweramp, because;

I'll be needing speakers of some description. Now, here's a choice. I could go with PA speakers (powered), this would seem the logical choice. Alternatively, I could buy a cheaper keyboard amp, however, this couldn't be used with a bass later on.

So, just throwing it out there.

Best way to accomplish all of the above?

Budget for the mixer is: $400AUS max
Budget for speakers: $800AUS max

PA size required: large enough for jamming with loud band, and small gigs (so, say, 300W?)

Suggestions, comments?
you could maybe just check out some active PA systems so that you wont need a mixer?

EDIT: nvm, i didn´t read the thing about eight mic inputs
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Yeah, I considered it, we just have a lot of stuff that would potentially need to run through the PA.
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PA size required: large enough for jamming with loud band, and small gigs (so, say, 300W?)

If your band is as loud as you say, you probably need a lot more wattage. I rehearse with a two guitar band that tries to keep the volume under control, and we still have a tough time hearing the vocals thru a 300W PA.

I don't have any real suggestion other than to look used.
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