I am a bassist in need of some help deciding my next bass. The ESP F-255FM 5-String Bass Guitar or the Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5 Bass. I Did some research because i cannot find basses like this in m local guitar store. So can anybody tell me which bass would have better tone,....well basically overall better.
What kind of genre do you play and what kind of sound are you going for?
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I play the same style and i got the ESP F254 and i had tried both (i tryed the 5, but didn't have the money). That pretty much says it all. My F254 has been super reliable and great. I love it
Either would suit you well, but I suggest the Schecter. I own both a Schecter and an ESP, and the Schecter would get you the versatility that the ESP won't, while the ESP is br00tal for metal. It's your choice.
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ESP is soo versitle my ESP is my most versitle bass i have!! also ESPs are built like a tank i have never had problems with any of my ESPs and had to bring my fenders into the shop a few times so ESP all the way!
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