My doctor told me all that anal itching I was having and **** was due to Lactose Intolerence that I never knew I had . Anyway is anyone else Lactose Intolerent and dosn't Lactoid taste horrible?
my dad is and i was tested as well, the stuff you drink in the test is so nasty, and you can taste it in your mouth for days
sorry, wait you had anal itching????

i would hate to be in your position. I love MILK!!!!!
my friend and his dad are lactose intolerant, they are really sensitive, they have to eat 2 or 3 pills just to eat a decent amount of pizza. If he has 2 or 3 cheesey chips hes fine, but anymore and he needs a pill unless he wants to blow up his bathroom for several hours. He first found out at a friend of ours birthday party. We were six and he ate a whole medium pizza all himself. Lets just say he spent 3 hours in the bathroom, and didnt finish the party.
oh and id probably kill myself if i could never eat copious amounts of dairy products at a whim.
that would suck, I'm sure glad I aint lactose intolerant.
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take digestive advantage lactose pills, gods gift to us with lactose intolerance
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