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Heres a song i made just messing around with powertab. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

Damn good job.

Some parts felt a little short, like the pre-chorus, and the actual chorus sounded just a wee bit like a pre-chorus.

But still man, amazing.
thanks man... i know the pre-chorus and chorus were a little off... it was the only thing i could come up with at the time

but i appreciate the positive feedback
Awesome intro. Very catching.
I like the transition into the distorted part. And that it's a really tight riff.
The verse is kind of bland. After the intro, I was kind of expecting something a little more interesting. =/
Chorus was like the verse. Bland. Boring. No offence.

Loved that interlude melody.

Verse-Chorus.. blahblah..

I like the re-intro Interlude. And the melodies over it are great.
I like that you stuck with that soft intro part as the backing for the first solo.
Both solos are great. They fit very well.

I loved it. I think you can do something better with the Choruses and Verses, though.

Oh yea. And I'm really glad to see some well structured songs in Powertab that aren't just Grovermans. Hope to see more from you!
Spiral Out
Thanks a lot man i really appreciate all of the positive feedback and constructive criticism
It's for most the most part pretty kickass, I liked the second solo. Only the chorus and the verse were kind of boring though does make sense and leaves it open for lyrics.
also nice intro too.
edit: actually the verse isn't too bad.
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You did a good job, but it's very meh. I don't know why everyone insists on using the acoustic intro now...it's overdone as hell, and doesn't really add anything to songs anymore. At least not in the context you used it.

The pre-verse was almost good, but still very cliche to that style of song. The verse and chorus were just boring one finger dropped D riffs. The interlude was well written, but still just another acoustic thing...

The solos were the saving point. Solo 1 wasn't very out of the ordinary, but I did enjoy the second one a fair bit.

Good effort overall.
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