What would be a good SS amp for $500? I like to play rock, blues, metal and some country. I would like one that has a nice clean sound because I have effect pedal I would like to use for my distortion. Please and Thank You!
Why not consider a tube amp for that price?
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Okay what tube or SS than? but it would have to be a low watt tube amp because I just play at home.
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No band and or just no way to crank it.

Plus, $500 is kind of low for an amp that can cover all of that ground.

Either way, I wouldn't really know honestly sorry
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Peavey classic 30/50 (depending on if you can find them used).
Super amp, and responds well to pedals.
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You could get a Cube 60 for less than that.

PS. Save up for a tube...

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I agree with the peavey classic 30 suggestion, it takes pedals reasonably well, its high enough wattage to gig/practice with a band, and I find I can go to volume 3 at home without getting told to STFU.

It can cover cleans-country-blues-classic rock on its own real easy, with an OD pedal can do most modern rock, metal it may struggle to, but you could get a higher gained OD pedal or maybe a metal muff to boost it to them sort of stages.

If its too loud an attenuater would do good. Oh and defo look used.
Classic 30 is great. Peavey Valveking would work, but metal may be pushing it a bit. You will need a pedal with either.
^ I did get a killer Randy Rhoads-era metal sound from mine without a pedal. I have no expertise on metal any newer than that, so you metal players need to judge.
The ValveKing seems like a good choice aside from its made in China. And ti can get a lot of 80s metal/thrash tones pretty well.