I would appreciate rates and comment to my cover of Metallica's Fade to Black solo. It's one of my favorite solos, and I decided to cover it and post it on youtube

I have only been playing for 11 months, so please don't expect too much.

Here goes: IbanezMartin - Fade to Black

Cheers ^^
Very nice!
It was pretty good!!

But whoaaa it was excellent for only playing 11 months!! Your a fast learner..
for 11 months playing guitar, that wasn't so bad.

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Good job, not bad at all. Keep practising and you'll be great.


(really sorry to bump your thread),, And i don't want to encourage anyone else to. so please don't.

But,..... Come on everyone, why does it always matter how long you've been playing?

Seriously, when we listen to a album, whats the first queston you ask yourself? is it,..... i wonder how long he's been playing?

Of course not, it doesnt matter if its 11 days, 11 months or 11 years. As long as it sounds good and he/she can rock on a stage, No one cares. Concentrate on the music and not the calender, its not a race.
Very nice, you play like someone whos been place twice as long as you have. Well done!
Tone is pretty sweet too.
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not too bad acutally, couple parts aren't too fluid but you've only been playing 11 months! good stuff matey