Just signed up here. After browsing around for a week or so... So Hi

Im after some advice on a Bass amp. Im just wondering if, was i to buy the
Ashdown EB 180watt (12") would this amp be loud enough/ powerful enough to keep up with the rest of a band. Im a bit limited on my budget and so i think the ashdown is one of the best combos for the price.
Oh and the guitarist has a Fender HotRod Deluxe, drums are not microphoned.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

The ashdown EB line is very nice, especially for the price. Good tone and volume. I do suggest you get the 15" speaker though instead of the 12. I've played on two peaveys that were identical and except for one was 12 and the other was 15" and the 15 was way better for the low end and pretty much identical for the mid and high. Other than that I say go for it.

On wether it can be loud enough I believe so but some people will tell you no. It really depends on how high your guitarists volume knob is set.
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I own that Ashdown, and I have to tell you, I REALLY regret not getting the model with the 15" speaker, the 12" just doesn't cut it. The 15 would be a GREAT choice.

But if I were you, I'd go for a Laney RB4, it's amazing for the price, very clear, and the graphic EQ really helps you find your tone, I wish I had bought that instead of the Ashdown!
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Thanks for the advice.
ummm im a bit confused now. I'm going out tomorrow to get an amp, i dont think i can afford the 15" ashdown.
So really its between the Laney RB4 and the 12" Ashdown.
Will the 20 watt difference be noticable? Or is the 15" celestion of the Laney more important.
Any help would be great cause this is the first real bass amp im going to buy.

EDIT:Or is it deffinately worth saving and getting the 15" ashdown?
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Speaker size makes more difference, trust me. I prefer the tone of the Laney to the Ashdown, more modern, and much higher clarity, AND the graphic EQ. You won't regret buying the RB4 if you decide to get it.
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If you can't afford the 15" speaker, save your cash until you can.

However, I'm the resident Laney nut here, and the RB4 is excellent. I play an RB8 myself, have played through the entire range and they're all great quality. The RB4 would be fine for band situations... could probably gig with it if you ran it into a PA system.

As for the Ashdown EB180 1x12 vs the Laney RB4, I would rather have a 1x15 160w amp than a 1x12 180w amp. Laney if it came down to that.
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Actually you should save up about £60 more and get this!

It's only £60ish more, and MORE than worth it.
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I have never played an Ashdown, but I found myself with this same choice as you when I was buying a new amp, and as you can probably tell by the opening statement, I picked the Laney RB4.

It's plenty loud enough for a band situation, brilliant quality, all the features are top notch and it just sounds like pure bass sex.
Thanks for the replies, i wasnt even aware of the laney. Ill go try them all out tomorrow at some shops. And try make a decision then.
Thanks again for your help.
Muchly Appreciated.