I bought the SEIKO GAT100 electric guitar tuner a while ago and the best I can use it for is tuning the basic E-A-D-G-B-E

But when it comes to more advanced and Drop C's and D's etc I have no clue..

So can someone give a n00b a tutorial on how to use this tuner to tune all the different kinds of tabs etc.

Thanks in advance,

well when your tuning it comes up with the letter of the note your tuning to right?
so to tune to others you just need to remember the notes of other tunings.
so Standard = Eadgbe
Drop D = Dadgbe
Drop C = Cgcfad

if you need any other let me know, and eventually you will remember them all anyway

edit- also whenever you start playing remember to tune so you dont get used to an out of tune guitar
Lol no problems thanks for that... so to get started before hand lets take this tab for instance:

BFMV - Tears Dont Fall

Ok they want a :: Tuning: Drop C (C,G,C,F,A,D)

So on the SEIKO I take it I just need to turn it till it hits the letter, or should I be using the # and sharp note keys... as I think someone told me they are flat and something lol.
right so for drop C, the low E string (in standard) is a C
so you just tune it down until you get to a C and align the needle till it stays in the middle, it will say in the tuning if it has sharps, such as D# g# c# f# a# d# (not sure of the name but you get the point)
hope this helps