So...I have a Takamine EG-440. And at the neck/body joint, the wood dried out. This caused it to warp a slight bit, and now I have dead frets on 13 and 14 on my e and B strings. The guy at the local shop told me to raise it at the bridge by putting like a little piece of cardboard underneath the bridge. Is there any better way? Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.
First of all, I fix guitars and amps for a living. I didn't notice you mentioning when you bought the guitar...you might check as whether it is still under warranty! If it is, then you just find a Takamine dealer, show it to the repair man, and he/she can take care of sending it back to the factory for repair or replacement there. I've found Takamine to be very good about that. If it is out of warranty, that's a bummer, but I'd suggest that you consider spending the cash for a neck reset, or a totally new neck from the factory.

Any other option may leave you permanently unsatisfied with the guitar, and will definately lower any trade-in or resale value of the instrument.

Good luck!
I'd agree with Joey's advice if the instrument was a little pricier. But from what I've seen online your guitar runs about $350-400 new. A neck reset (where I live) costs $200-300. Personally, thats not worth it for me. I'd shim it up and try to get rid of the dead spots. Then sell it. And if you do shim it try to use something other than cardboard. Credit card material would probably work better. Some hard plastic as opposed to paper. Up to you, but personally, I'd sell it and get something new.
I took your advice, realizing I totally forgot about the warranty. And they have a good warranty...so I sent an email to Takamine asking if I am covered. I'll let you know what happens, thanks for your help.
Failing that...take it to a luthier...for next too nothing they will sort. I split the end of my Martin D18 recently and got it repaired by a violin maker for £75 (cost me £1400 second hand from Mansons) . Bearing how mind how minor your prob is in comparison it wouldn't cost much I reckon