Im looking to get a new amp. less than £300 preferably, and something that has good clean sounds, and Nice OD. It would be nice if it could get a nice sound range for a nice metallica kinda distortion, but also so more mellow od's as im gona be using it in church alot, and meaty kinda metal tones would sound abit odd :P Its gona be for Church/Home use, as my amp is only 15w and isnt realy loud enough compared to the other guitarist.
You could try looking for a used Peavey Classic 30 and a pedal (to get metal tones). Not sure if you could get that for £300 or less, but check eBay just in case. Alternatively, there's the Laney VC30 and Peavey Valveking amps that you could look at.
I have a few pedals, got the Marshal guvnur 2, a noble comperssor/sustainer and my Zoom GFX-5 which gets nice metal sounds, But classic tones from the marshall church uses seems to be better than anything i can get from my pedals. I will look into those amps, thankyou.
you want to be looking at Laney VC30, don't bother with the valveking, they suck to put it bluntly.

Great amp for the price, best in it's class. Based around the vox ac15/30 amps, so you get a nice class A early British tone.
yes, the 212 would be louder than the rest, probably the better option in the long run but don't feel you have too. The 112 would be just fine. It's just a case of how loud you want you amp to be. If your gigging, the 112 should be enough for small/medium size gigs, being a 30w tube amp. The 212 will be perfect for all scenarios but could potentially be a bitch to keep quiet indoors.
Is the 210 in the middle then? if not ill probaly go for the 112 since it will be used at home aswell.
2 10 i'm not sure about, the only problem i have is if you ever want to replace the speaker with a 12 inch, it won't fit, and i don't know of that many good 10" speakers, up to you.
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You may want to try a Valveking.

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