Whats your favourite Eric Clapton Songs, and do u like Solo, Unplugged ir Cream Better

Personally i prefer Solo
he is great on the crossroads festival, so i would say solo
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John Mayall and the bluesbreakers
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John Mayall and the bluesbreakers

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he is great on the crossroads festival, so i would say solo

yea. my favorite tone of his, is the modern live performances. it is great.

my favorite songs by him, are from cream. he's got some good stuff when going solo, and with Derek and the Dominos. i can't rank which is best.
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Cream hands down.

Followed by D&D, John Mayall, and Blind Faith
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Cream, although I think he was great when he was doing Derek and the Dominos.

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cream!!!!!!!! without a doubt. his solo stuff is too ballady(yes i know this is not a real word)
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Cream, I love Crossroads so much.
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John Mayall and the bluesbreakers

dawt, his best are all your love, and another man
Unplugged. Cream, to me, are next to unlistenable, and I don't like Clapton's electric guitar playing at all.
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Derek and the Dominos

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I like his modern live performances best in terms of playing and tone, but really I love most of thye stuff he has played on except from a small period that was a bit 'ugh'.
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You should probably refer to his thread on the blues forums, but I would have to say my fave is Cream, but sadly my opinion isn't valid due to the fact I have not listened to all of Derek and all of John Mayall. What I have heard I love, but I don't own the albums and there isn't much on Last.Fm or Playlist.com.

Edit: Just bought The John Mayall one, and it's awesome. It's now second behind Cream. I also went to a friends and listened to Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. I would have to say in order from greatest to not so great is Cream, then Bluesbreakers, then solo, then Derek, then Yardbirds, then Blind Faith. I like Derek, but everything else is better, and the Yardbirds are great but he was just learning everything back then.
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Cream without a doubt.

Anything after Derek and the Dominos up to Alpine Valley is not worth listening to, to me.
Can't stand him on anything other then Cream, John Mayall, or Derek and The Dominos.
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