I've recently started doing weights, and everything is going great. UNTIL. (Suspense) Yesterday when I put the weights down I felt a very sharp, tight pain in the back of my head, I had to lie down. The pain lasted about a minute, and then calmed down into an irritating dull headache. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I know it is directly related to doing the weights, has anyoen experienced anything similar? What should I do. I have a doctors appointment but the suspense is killing me. I'm scared
I dunno but that happened to me a couple of weeks ago
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Cut off your left leg. It should hurt so much you won't think about your head anymore.
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was it at the top of your spine? Ive done that, were u tense and strain so much it cracks your neck, really hurts.
Weights are probably too heavy for you.
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Cheers, I'll pass on the amputation though I don't have a blade. I think I went over the top on the weights to be honest as long as it's not some deadly disease, i'm alright.
We'll have to amputate your head sir!

Just sit down and relax, it won't hurt more than a few seconds!
too much blood went to ur head thats all lol

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Are you breathing right when lifting?
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