Apologies for repeating the same topic - I used the search bar and looked through but couldn't find the old thread that someone posted a few days ago.

My tube amp sounds like there's wind going through the speaker. It's barely a month old, so if there's anything directly wrong with the amp I can get it changed, but it's getting quite annoying.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this, or perhaps just give me a ink to the old thread?

Thanks in Advance
it sounds like buzz to me. does this happen on both channels, what kind of amp is it, does it only happen on louder volumes? you can't really have a powerhouse amp without a noise gate. if it is buzz then a noise gate will kill it.
That's probably just the ambient noise of it....

Does it get louder when turned up/visa versa?
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It happens intermittently, but I've found its more likely to happen if I've got something electrically sensitive plugged in... like a microphone when I record.
electrical interference then. may be a grounding issue
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