Well, I've got my grade 6 exams in a few months time, and im really finding the continuous harp arpeggio extremely difficult.
The only advice my teacher seemed to be able to give me was to take it really slow.

i've been doing this for about a month now, and see no significant improvement.

I was wondering whether anyone here could give me advice on this.

It all depends on how you hold your hand. I've learned the fastest way to pick a harp-like arpeggio (though, definitely not the easiest) is to use at least 4 fingers on your picking hand, which ever are more comfortable. For me, I try to use my thumb, index, middle and ring because it's more comfortable; but then again I've seen people do it with thumb index and middle...I guess your teacher's advice is the best advice you can get with it. It takes a lot of practice...I still can't do it right.
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