I can watch tv through my comp, using a tv card and a regular antenna, and when i originally setup the tv through windows media center (the progamme used for watching tv in vista) it auto tuned all the channels i could get. And from somewhere i get this one channel that is just music with no visual, sort of like a digital radio channel, and it plays non stop jazz all day and night, and ive just been recently discovering its benifts. i use it especially for something to chill out to, its pretty damn awesome.

Do you think this is Computer specific? or do you think if i had one of those 'digital set top boxes' on my tv i would pick up this channel?

I was thinking why don't all radiostations make their radio available through a regular TV, as a 'digital radio channel'?. From a personal perspective i would be inclined to listen to radio a lot more if i could just switch to a channel on a tv and listen.

maybe this is already is existent, but why wouldnt it be alot more popular?
if it's on the lower end of the channels, it might be picking up an upper range FM channel.
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why would'nt you jsut use a regular radio/stereo if you want to listen to the radio. it should have a remote and auto tuning and all...