well we've covered your favorite songs to jam to, now we're going to find out the hardest, most complecated songs that you can play or wish you could play.
thunder horse/dethklok
the weapon/heaven shall burn
blueprint of the fall/strung out(<surpisingly a hard song)
When in doubt, sweep it out
between the buried and me is extremely technical. so in a sense, it's some of the hardest stuff you could play.
Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin, not the studio, or The Song Remains The Same one but the one from How The West Was Won, and yes I know it's a zeppelin song but dont flame me, I just started playin like 9 months ago and I can play the studio one all the way through in time so I think I'm doing good. Maybe not though.
wolfmother...woman...is fecking impossible lmao jk XD
i think the hardest song with some serious fretwork yould be....operation ground and pound? and thats harder than through the fire and the flames in my opinion...i can only play half that song...
i can only sweep 4 strings and they do all six...holy crap....trivium too
eruption van halen, sweet child of mine guns n roses,killing in the name rage against the machine,any rammstein song,beatiful people marlyln mainson.............